The Inturnship

The first creative agency ran pretty much entirely by interns.

As an individual contributor, I was given multiple tasks and worked with various teams, we crafted data-driven, creative, and engaging content that increased follower count, and engagement for The Inturnship’s Instagram page.  


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Google Slides


Art Director, Visual Designer, (sometimes) Copywriter

Pillar Posts

We created data-driven pillar posts that focused primarily on educating people about industry terminologies, talking about our current culture, and what’s new in the industry.  

In this role, I was able to craft further iterations of design assets within the bounds of brand guidelines, like the emojis. 

Themed Instagram Posts

While working on pillar posts I was also tasked to design themed content for Halloween, anniversary posts, posts for other content like a cover for a Medium article, a Spotify playlist thumbnail, and other posts that challenged me to think outside the box.   

Instagram Stories

Teaming with a copywriter, our task was to create powerful
visuals and copy to bring light to the important issue of MMIW. This piece was featured as an Instagram Story. 


I also created short motion graphic assets for posts, stories, and website assets.